It’s starting to get to me…

Name the song!  Heh heh, well, my sister told me to start a blog.  So I’m starting a blog instead of doing homework.  I’m always full of great ideas.  Well when I was thinking of starting a blog I was brainstorming with said sister and decided to choose the one I did.  Why?  Because I like it.  No, honestly because not only is that lyric from one of my favorite bands, but I also feel like the entire song is how I feel right now.  Anyway, not what this post is about.

What I really want to talk about is how annoying people are in class.  I knowwwww, I don’t want to read people ranting either, but I need to say this because, as my post’s title suggests…it’s starting to get to me.

(I’m breaking up the post because I know one long huggeeee post is really annoying to read.  Sorry…. I’m a little disorganized and definitely have no order to this post.  Maybe I’ll try on later posts, but that’s asking a lot. )

So in my classes people have been very stupid.  And I get it, it’s college, you can have your computers and phones on in class.  But you’re really annoying in rude.  Just so you know!  The first thing I noticed was this guy in one of my classes playing Mario Kart on his computer during the entire class.  Even though I tried to pay attention, I kept getting distracted by his screen.  Really annoying.  Then I saw another guy in the same class looking at hockey stuff the entire time.  Hockey is not that important (no offense to hockey fans out there, it’s just that the subject can wait an hour).  And while I know this sounds like a rant (and it is heh heh) I would just be happier if they sat in the back row, away from any human contact if they wanted to go on their computers and be super distracting all class.

While I can (somewhat) get over the computer thing, I simply can not get out of my head what happened to day in my class.  A guy answered his phone.  While a student was giving a presentation….wtf?  And he didn’t even whisper!  The teacher and students at the front didn’t really pay attention or care but he had a deep voice so it was rather distracting and super rude to both teacher and student.  Ok…. that’s enough of a rant that no one probably cares about except me heh heh.  Soooo, bye I guess.

Woooooo I blogged.


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