So, although my post doesn’t completely relate to the song in the title, it made me chuckle to myself so…yeah.  But honestly, while I love Paramore, I don’t get this song.  It’s all over the place, but, nevertheless, it is fun to dance to.crush-crush-crush-crush-hayley-williams-paramore-red-hair-favim-com-41849

Any who, today I come to tell you a storrrry.  Not really.  I’m making that up.  But it did happen.  Today.  So, I guess in some ways it’s a story of sorts.  Wow, I’m hyping this up more than it deserves.  And I’m rambling.  Well my “story” is about a crush!  Buh dum bum pshhhh.

So I have a crush on this guy in one of my classes, who, since I’m not very talkative, probably doesn’t even know my name.  Yay!  when-you-find-out-your-crush-likes-someone-else_gp_1130260

Anyway, my sister and mom have been joking with me that since I like romantic comedies so much (shocker from that last post, huh?) I should know how to, essentially “get a guy”.  Welll I don’t.  I’m too awkward and talk about cats way too much for my own good.  So they keep telling me to drop my books in front of this guy and stuff like that. 670px-Have-Cats-Without-Being-a-Cat-Lady-Step-3

Well today, fate opened up the sky and plopped opportunity right in my lap.  Our teacher put our papers in our P.O.s and I went to grab mine.  Who’s should be in my mailbox on accident?  None other than the guy I’m crushing on.  heavens

So what did I do?  Put it back… in his mailbox (while kicking myself and thinking, you just had a great opportunity and blew it…moron).

I went back to my room and sent my friend a message on Facebook and emailed my mom.  They both told me to go back and take it.  I said that that would be weird and stalkeresque.  But then I was dared and offered goober pie (I’m not from the south but I still call Reese’s Peanut Butter Pie goober pie…it’s what my dad calls it).

41458661184<Heaven Right there

My friend also said she’d say something to her crush if I did this.  And I became “strong and confident”.  So, I did it.  I’m a thief.  As my friend dubbed me, I am now author of the story “Paper Thief: Chronicles of Love/Pie”

So, yeah, that was the probably very unexciting recount of how I stole my crush’s paper and now have to give it to him on Wednesday.   Yay…..?  And honestly, I’ll probably just get a “Oh, thanks.” and nothing more.  Oh well, at least I’m a skilled thief now….


Well please comment about anything you want, whether it be pie or embarrassing stories of crushes.  Or shyness.  Or cats.  It can always be about cats. =^.^=


3 thoughts on “Crushcrushcrush

  1. Yayyy ❤ You just have to say more than 'I accidentally got your paper.' Say something like, 'the teacher accidentally put your paper in my mailbox, and I couldn't help but noticing the title of your paper…'

    "Paper Thief: Chronicles of Love/Pie" is a genius title, by the way. I could go for some love or pie right now myself.

    • Except there was no title. Andddd anywho I also forgot to mention that when I was thinking “ugh, that was stupid” I literally got pushed by the wind. I mean it was windy that day, but it was an extra gust when I was thinking about it. Coincidence? I think so.

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