I’m not crazy, I’m just a little Unwell…

Soooo I feel sick today, yaaaaaaaaay.  I’ve had a bad headache for a few days, so I thought it’d be super fun to ignore homework, and other things I should be doing, to blog about ten things to avoid when you have a headache!!!  And a few things to do to manage and cure it, hopefully :/

  1. Jumping….and all other exercise, but especially jumping….just try to stay away from moving in general (Also, I started feeling sick/getting the headache after exercising, proving, I think, that exercise really is bad for you).Exercise-on-a-Bad-Day-1.26.13(<She gets it)
  2. The computer/TV/phone screen….oops….blogging was the best idea I’ve ever had           Vision-eyesight-eyes-sore-tired-strain-screens-jpg_162049-300x180
  3. Dense books, and honestly, all forms of reading suck when I have a headache, so it’s pretty good to shy away from education.
  4. Loud music (just make a nice, soothing playlist for sleeping and moments where a single drum beat makes your head want to explode)
  5. Caffeine, if your headache isn’t sickness related or due to a lack of water, you’re probably having caffeine withdrawals.  I’m speaking from experience here, but I’m not a doctahhhh.
  6. Also, with the music, avoid not only loud music, but “yelling” music.  For instance, I love the Kaiser Chiefs, but when listening to their new CD with my headache, my headache decided to grow and multiply and destroy my happiness, so bad choice on my part I guess.
  7. Bright lights are always good to steer clear of as well (this especially means strobe lights).
  8. Any close family members or friends (they will, sometimes, be nice, but come on, who hasn’t yelled at their friend with a bad headache just to screw with them?  It’s fun and we’re all horrible people).                          awkward_family_
  9. Stupid neighbors that, for some reason, think it’s fun to bang on the walls and yell.  (Yeah, I love living in co-ed dorms today)
  10. People in general.  It’s nice to be alone when you feel like complete and utter crap.images

Noowww some “cures”

  1. Sleep!!!! Everyone loves sleep, that’s the true cure of any ailment.  Especially lethargy, look it up.  That’s a true fact.Man sleeping                          Except I’m more like this latelysleep
  2. Good ol’ fashion drugs.  The legal stuff.  Like Ibuprofen and Acetaminophen, although I would love some Excedrin right now…
  3. Teaaaaa, it helps, even if it sometimes tastes grossBlackTea
  4. Laying down and not moving at all.  Basically being sick is really boring and annoying, but I’m sure you know that.
  5. Cold packs can help/ alternating cold and hot….or is that only for muscles?
  6. Ummmm I don’t really know.  I’m drinking sleepytime wellness tea and starting to get sleepy…so ideas are leaving my head.  I suppose if you google it, you’ll find actual advice on how to deal with a headache.                            i-dont-know

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