Pressure pushing down on me…

So I was talking to some people lately and a lot in the past…about the pressures of life.  I mean I’m obviously still in school (as my first post suggests) but I do feel a lot of social and personal pressure.  I mean college aged people now are expected to know what they’ll do for the rest of their lives and to be headed on a good path right away.  Why can’t I just drop out of school and travel the world?  Oh yeah, money, I kind of need that to eat and stuff.poor-college-studentstudent-debt


Honestly though, Europe has the right idea.  They encourage young people to take a year off after high school to travel and then they make colleges all the same prices.  (If I’m being general, sorry, this is just what I’ve heard a lot).  I mean I think a lot more people could get good educations if college wasn’t so freaking expensive.  Anywho, this is kind of rambling.


The reason this idea came up was T.V and the radio.  The rulers of our lives.  I was home for winter break a few months ago and was flipping through channels late at night (Friends was on a commercial) and landed on the Disney channel.

I used to watch this channel all the time in middle school (believe it or not, I used to look up to Miley Cyrus o.0) all the time.  When I watched it I thought the people looked so cool and grown up and i wanted to be like them.  Now, however, I look at them and whimper.  They look either my age or younger (most probably are).  And it succcks.  These young people are making loads of money and are having fun being actors/singers/stars.  Me?  I’m broke and in a school I can barely (gooooooo loans!) afford.

justin <eww top10hottestactresses-emmaw

Anyway, the reason I referenced pressure for this post is because I believe this is a major reason college aged people question what they’re doing in life.  They have people their same age, or younger, becoming stars and role models for kids.  I mean you look at these stars and think, I’m getting an *insert major here*  degree where I’ll probably have a very hard time getting a good job with decent enough wages that I actually like.  It’s terrifying to think of.  I have to have the same job for the rest of my life.  Oh dear lord.


This is why I want to become a cat.  They sleep all day, don’t care about anything, and have a pretty great life if they have good owners.  Can I become a cat now?  I want to sleep most of the day away!  And you get massages everyday?  How awesome would that be?  Ugh, instead I have to face the real world…and all the crap in it.  And I’m not even to the real real world yet.  Yaaaaaay…..

7971360 graduates_real_world

I just depressed myself… Dangit… Oh well, any way, tell me if you agree/disagree or what stuff you have to deal with on a daily basis in terms of presssssureeee.  Thanks for reading, sorry if I depressed you too 😦  😀



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