“Someday all this mess will make me laugh—I can’t wait, I can’t wait, I can’t wait”

So unfortunately I wasn’t born into an extremely rich family, so to pay for school, I’ve had to get jobs since high school.  I kind of procrastinated on that though, with a few babysitting jobs until the start of my senior year, when I got a job as a hostess at a local restaurant.  However, now I have a glorious job at Walmart!  Yaaayyy….  It’s not terrible (in fact, it’s way better than the ridiculous drama I dealt with at the restaurant where I worked).  However, the worst part, and the best part can be the people.  I have had the most rude and cruel people come through my line (oh yeah, I’m a cashier) and each time I’m bewildered by how some people act.

I get it, people have bad days, but they shouldn’t be ignorant and take it out on strangers doing them a service.  That’s why I wholeheartedly agree with the idea that every one should work a job in customer service at least once in their life.  Just say hello, please, and thank you.  That’s all.  Not too hard.  And not too much to ask.  Is it?

So, about some of the people I’ve dealt with.  There was one old man who was just plain cruel to me and caused me to eventually take a tone with him, I wouldn’t take with any other customer or person for that matter.  He brought up some fruit, and if anyone knows about how fruit and vegetables work at grocery stores, you have to type in a four-letter code found on the bag or sticker, or a pamphlet the cashier has ( at least this is how my Walmart works).  So I typed in the code as the guy is telling me how much a sign said they were.  I finally got them to ring up but accidentally typed in a different code so they came up more than he had said.  I immediately took them off and began looking for the right code. He began to basically yell at me, “No they were $1.98!  You don’t believe me!” over and over again.  I tried to explain my mistake and tell him that I was going to change it, but apparently that wasn’t enough and I didn’t believe him.  I used a code on the computer to try and get a supervisor over (but they got tied up in customer service so no one came for a long time).  So, because he didn’t see me physically call a supervisor after I repeatedly told him I had, he yelled at me to “ask him” indicating to the cashier behind me.  I went to that cashier to double check the number I was typing in and he helped me.  The man begrudgingly paid, while he angrily said “What did he say?  What did he say? What did he say?”  So I flat out ignored the old man, trying to get him the heck out of there before I yelled back.  He began to walk away, stopped, and pointed at his receipt, “See, they rang up as $1.99”.  So I just smiled and said “Ok, you can take it to customer service.”  His response?  Pissed off at the world voice: “I will”.

During this time I was caught the look of the guy behind the old man.  He had a look of pure awe and anger that the old man was being so mean.  And when he came up to me after the old man left, he sort of shouted sarcastically “How are YOU today” while laughing.  He then murmured, “I hope I don’t become an ass hat like that when I get old, jeez.”  I just smiled, because I didn’t want to be mean and catty but I’m sure I gave this man a look of such relief because I had just been badgered for something that I did everything I new to fix it.  I was also still pretty new so I felt crappy enough from his words and from not knowing what to do.

I had another lady come through my line with about 20 of the cheap flavored waters Walmart sells.  Now, I usually just bag these but some people don’t like it so I asked her if she wanted them bagged.  Maybe it had been a bit of a stupid question but I was exhausted, almost done with a ten hour shift.  However, I don’t think that warranted her response, which was, “Yeah, what else?”  in a very snotty way.  I unfortunately had the same lady today who was very snippy and said thank you in a way that made it seem as if I’d wasted her time.  I mean, if you’re going to be crabby or annoyed by the cashier, go to the dang self-checkout!


*I started this before I quit and went back to school, but I know more things hapened that sucked before I did, including a creepy guy who came through my line a few times and who I wish wouldn’t XD

Anyway, enjoy my pain and frustration!


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