Just some random musings

So my computer is currently M.I.A which is depressing, so I’m using an iPad to type this and hating every second.  Recently I’ve also been wanting to write or do creative things but I’ve also been in a bit of a schlump.  It does not help me to get the creative juices flowing.

I just feel so wiped out from the tons of homework I keep getting and the stress of the rest of my college career/ life in the real world.  This stuff makes me just want to fry my mind with Netflix or my newest, yet not so new guilty pleasure, Buzzfeed.  It’s pretty frustrating because there are so many things I’d rather be doing but feel no motivation or energy to do those things.  Also the things I want to do are harder living in a dorm.  For example, I want to learn multiple musical instruments but I feel like I’m annoying everyone around me.  Erg.  Hopefully I’ll get more into writing consistently soon, because my sister started a writing group with some of her friends ( which I didn’t contribute to in October so she’s annoyed with me but I had a paper due every week for the entire month).  Also, next semester I’m crazily taking an 8 am class >< on creative writing.  But maybe this January my blog posts will actually get interesting because I’m leaving the country!

For a class we’re going to China and Japan.  I’m pretty excited and will probably use this as my journal while I’m there.  But that’s all for now because typing on an iPad sucks and it just deleted some of what I wrote before soooo yeah, latahhhz


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