It’s been so long since i blogged and I kind of lied in my last blog because I never posted…that was because of a snowball-effect thing.  We didn’t have internet in China so I didn’t get to write my blogs and then in Japan I was behind and didn’t want to have to write the old ones but also did?  And we always got back late so I was too tired to type up a lot.  Anyway, I loved it!  It also helped me with some of the last things I’ve been talking about on here.

I know have a LOT more friends that I’m close with here or really like hanging out with from my college.  So, I guess through time, the amount of hurt I’ve had, and these new friends, I’ve stopped being hung-up on my high school friends.  If I think about it too much I still cry and feel sad, but now I know that they’re missing out on someone who truly cares about them, so it’s bad for them ><  Not to talk about myself like I’m awesome, heh heh, I just really care for those I’m close too.  Anyway, one of these friends introduced me to a new love that I can indulge in here since I miss Japan so much!  DORAMAS!!!

The first week back from Japan I was so jet-lagged and bored that I watched an entire drama series.  And now I started two others!  ><

So, the first one I watched was amazing is called 花よりだんご(hana yori dango) or Boys over Flowers.  It was pretty dorky, but really cute.  As are most doramas.  But this followed a girl who falls in love with a super rich boy.  The boy of course scorns her at first but then falls for her.  Basically the plot of them all ><  However, the side characters make the show amazing.  For example, the main character’s boss is dramatic and claims to have had many great lovers no matter what century it was, haha.  She’s very strange and is always eavesdropping, so she adds some very strange drama.  Eh, you should just watch it because, yeah.  Also, I talked to multiple Japanese guys and they’d all seen this drama too because it was so popular.

2655286096_1_3 <Main cast

Offeringsometea2< Superrrr cute scene!  Also, rumor is these two are dating in real life and going to get married!  かわあいい!!!

The ones I’m watching now do have similar plots, but eh.  I’m watching one with my roommate, who watched the anime so wanted to watch it too, called いたずらなキス!(itazura na kiss: Love in Tokyo) or Mischievous Kiss.  The characters are over the top and hilarious.  In this one, the main character expresses her love for the most popular guy in school and he shoots her down.  Then, this girl’s new house is hit with a meteor which makes the house fall down, because, Physics.  And so the girl and her dad have to move in with her dad’s friend.  But wait!  She soon finds out the man she professed to is the friend’s son!  Hahaha, so amazing.  Anyway, the guy’s mom is by far the best character.  She loves the main character, Kotoko, because she is the daughter the mom has always wanted.  And there for she pushes them to get together.  She’s also into photography:


If anything you need to watch it just for the amazing faces the main character makes.

686c1d13tw1e44fkbo1x4j20zk140dtg<This is nothing compared to a face she makes in season 1, episode 8!  My roommate and I laughed for a good few minutes and then rewound it during that episode ><  Actually, my awesome roommate just found that face, here, enjoy!


tumblr_ml83og92eO1ru3ih7o1_500<She’s also very relatable 😀  This is when she’s studying Physics and Math

And the last one I’m watching is called 花君(hana kimi) or known as Hanazakari no Kimitachi e (花ざかりの君たちへ, For You in Full Blossom).  It’s about a girl in love with a guy so much that she cuts her hair and changes so that she can be a boy.  This is so she can get into school with him at his all-boys school.  Again, this one is very ridiculous but it stars Ikuta Toma, who is a cutie pie, sooo, worth it 😀


So, Hana yori dango is on Youtube, Itazura na Kiss is on Hulu and Crunchyroll, and Hana Kimi is sort of on Youtube?  Otherwise a site called is my friend’s go to.  Watch them!!!! They have helped me learn knew vocab, cultural things, and given me quite a few laughs.  Also, I forgot to mention that I really go into dramas because in Japan a new one (with Toma) came out called Ouroboros while we were there.  It was super good, so I’ve been trying to somehow watch it because it’s a really interesting concept about two orphan boys, one yakuza and one cop who are trying to get revenge on their mother-like figure.  I may have found some, but I’ve been having issues so if anyone knows, please let me know!  I definitely recommend that one too!  So, enjoy and if you want to know more, you can ask :D, but I will not give spoilers!

Thanks for reading!


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