Weekly Photo Challenge, Dialogue–Reaching


I was in a tour bus so ignore the black triangle in the top-right corner.  To me, this picture/ the building itself really spoke to me.  It was like the music was flying into the sky/reaching toward the clouds.   At that moment, and now looking at the picture, I want to go with them, playfully up into the sky.  (I can’t remember exactly where this was on my trip but I believe it was in London.  Also the music notes continued down to the ground as well.)


Weekly Photo Challenge–from a while ago

I saw the prompt for a challenge from a few weeks ago and I’ve been wanting to start putting pictures on here too soooo I’m going to post it but not put a pingback.  It was the daily challenge entitled “Contrast”


These photos are from a trip I took a few years ago with my international club in high school.  We went to Ireland, Wales, England, and France.  These particular ones, however, are from a beautiful church in Ireland.

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