Hate is a strong word, but I really, really, really don’t like you… Hollywood Edition

Sooo this is my list of 5 (or more) least favorite actresses and my list of 5 least favorite actors.  I know I probably forgot some, but these ones popped into my head first and are ones I really don’t like.  So, list any that you don’t like in comments or if you agree/disagree with anything I said!  And enjoy my negativity!  Yay!  I also put two polls at the end so you can vote on who yor least favorite actress is and who your least favorite actor is.  If your answer is “other” you should post who that other is!  I’m curious.  It also might refresh my memory on some others I forgot.  And yeah, I tried to choose snottyish pictures of them 😀

Top 5 Worst Actresses (in my opinion) Also, it’s in no particular order

1. Katherine Heigl- I did like her in Life As We Know It and sort of in 27 Dresses, but I kind of get a bias when I hear how some actors behave on set, and I have heard plenty of horrible stories about her.  Also, I watched her more recent movies, because let’s face it, I am very into rom coms and so I’ve watched quite a few on Netflix, no matter who was in them.  So, unfortunately, I suffered through One for the Money.  Never watch it.  The accents were atrocious and it was just not a good movie.


2. Gwyneth Paltrow- I can’t stand her.  Sorry if you like her, but also, I’m really not sorry.  She is the most arrogant person and every time I hear more of the things she’s said, I want to punch something.  I read another blog post on here that talked about one of her interviews and it involved Paltrow discussing how “easy” it must be to have a 9-5 kind of job rather than her hectic, glamorous lifestyle.  I’ve also never really liked her acting.  It all seems the same to me.  And now, after reading more about her, seeing that she’s in certain movies can put me off from actually wanting to see those movies.  Also, who names their kid Apple?

5393_gwyneth-paltrow -_-

3. Angelina Jolie- Ugh.  I think she’s a mediocre actress at best.  And again, her integrity and entire being is spoiled to me just as is Brad Pitt’s due to how they decided to partake in an affair.  People have told me I have Angelina Jolie-esque lips.  I don’t really see it as a compliment though because I don’t like her… I would rather be told I look like Olivia Wilde (even though I still don’t see the resemblance Brittany).  But honestly, I can’t say there’s a movie out there I actually like with her in it.

86th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals


4. Lea Michele- Have you seen GLEE?  As Starkid once put,


But really, she’s so whiny and obnoxious.  And her character seems exactly how she is, ie: A spoiled, needy, self-obsessed snot.  Am I being too mean?  Eh, I’m over it.  Oh, and I love Paramore and she totally butchered The Only Exception.  I was upset.  Yeah, I think I just admitted I used to watch GLEE 😦  That ship has long since sailed though, don’t worry.

Celebrity Sightings In New York City - November 18, 2012

5. Megan Fox/ Kristen Stewart- They both have stale performances.  I know most people don’t like them, but seriously, they could use some coaching lessons.  I did like Kristen Stewart in Speak, but that was probably before all the drugs.  She also cheated on her boyfriend which is really low and stupid.  As for Megan Fox, just ugh.  As my sister pointed out, why does Megan Fox get all the nerdy rolls?  She was in Transformers and now she gets to be in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?  Not fair.  I love TMNT.  Lammmme.

Megan-Fox KRISTEN STEWART at MET Gala 2012


Top 5 Worst Actors (again, my opinion and in no particular order)

1. Brad Pitt- I don’t like him for many of the same reasons why I don’t like Angelina Jolie (Team Aniston!).  But I’ve never thought he was that great of an actor.  Can we all take a moment to remember the train wreck that was Troy?  Ahhhh memories.  And I don’t understand why people find him to be so attractive, he’s not attractive to me in the least.  To each their own I suppose.  I will give him Inglorious Basterds, but I liked that mainly for Cristoph Waltz 😀


2. Keanu Reeves- He can’t act.  I’m sorry again, but not really.  He was good in The Matrix simply because the character required him to have no emotions.  He’s right on par with Zooey Deschanel (yeah, I should have added her up there, dangit).  Very poor acting and terrible inflection in both voice and facial expressions.  But, if you love him, or hate him, you have to watch part of Little Buddha.  We did for one of my classes and it is unlike anything you’ve ever seen.  Reeves plays Buddha, but he looks more Egyptian than anything and seems to have been painted bronze.

keanu4 < Pure.  Movie.  Gold.

3. Mark Wahlberg- He, I’ve heard, is also very arrogant and full of himself.  I haven’t seen him in many good films either, but honestly, if you watch The Happening you’ll understand.  Oh look, another Zooey Deschanel reference (she’s in the movie and the movie is terrible).


4.Sylvester Stalone/That other really bad actor with squintyish eyes, long black hair, and a raspy voice-  Both are in movies that are action-packed and riddled with so little dialogue that I get incredibly boredddd.  I don’t know the second guy’s name but I can picture him perfectly-kind of looks like a Baldwin (oh, add Alec Baldwin to my list too because he really skeeves me out-every single role he’s in).  I will give Stalone the Rocky movies, but he wasn’t even really acting.  Those are all his roles.  The Rocky movies just actually had an interesting plot at times.


5. Seth Rogen- Ew.  Every thing out of his mouth makes me say ew.  I can’t stand him either.  He’s creepy and talks about creepy things.  I’m not a fan.  I don’t understand how people find him funny, he creeps me out too much.  Maybe grosses me out is a better term, oh well.

"Pineapple Express" Los Angeles Premiere - Arrivals

Also, an ew factor—James Franco.  Major creep nowadays.  But he always kind of creeped me out, just like Joaquin Phoenix (at least Joaquin is a decent actor though).


Reindeers are better than people…

So I was originally going to name this post something different but I kind of switched an angle on what to write about so yeahhh….I think it’s true though.  People kind of suck sometimes while Reindeer help Santa bring presents to kids.


So I went to a concert the other night, it was the Kaiser Chiefs and it was aweeeeeeeeesommmmeee.  But I kind of had some really crappy luck up through the day of the concert–all involving friends.

My friend, who I was extremely close to in High School for almost all four years kind of dropped off the map of my life and has been putting herself and other friends before me and the small tight-knit group we had in High School.  It sucks, a lot.  Anyway, she originally told me about said concert and bought the tickets so I could go with her and my sister.  However, about a week before hand she tells me she can’t go anymore because she got an internship.  I know that’s a legitimate excuse, but was still really sucky because we had been excited to go and now she didn’t even really seem to care.

Now, she also, because of the stupid internship, had said that she might have to skip another concert I have planned with friends in July which also involves a road trip, even though we’ve been planning it for months and she just got the internship two weeks ago.  This is extremely frustrating that she seemed to already be calling it quits on this road trip even before she started it and would only end up missing one day.

I guess this whole thing is frustrating to me because all year she has been kind of distant and I feel like I’ve lost a really close friend.  There was even a band that came to an area near us for a very small price and I wanted to go so bad but she didn’t even bother to invite me after I told her I wanted to go.  She just invited friends from her new college.  It really hurt.  I don’t think I’ve quite let it go yet and kind of still act all awkward around her.  I take things too personally I know, but I was raised to always have empathy and as my mom likes to say, “root for the underdog” so I can’t help but be ruled by emotions :/  Another thing that sucked is that I lost one of my childhood pets about a month ago and she never called, texted, or said anything to me about it even though she knew because my sister posted something on facebook that she liked.  That also hurt because she knew how much the cat meant to me and I got texts from other friends I’m not as close to.

I think this last year and the hurt I’ve felt because of her has effected me in other situations as well.  As one lyric (that I love) states, “Scars left on my heart formed patterns in my mind”.  For instance one friend couldn’t go for legit reasons, and in the back of my head I knew that too, but again, it felt like a personal refusal.  I just sent her a message to explain to her everything but I don’t know how to actually tell the girl I feel most hurt by the truth.  I’ve also felt rejected by another friend that I’m ready to tell “I’m done” to.  Ok, this one sounds like middle school drama but oh well.  She keeps posting things and I’ll like them and post a comment but she ignores me and responds to everyone else and likes their comments.  So now I’m at where I was at with my roommate, done trying.

So I guess I don’t know how to proceed with them or how to talk to the friend I was close to, without losing my friendship.  My sister and mom know how I feel and told me I should talk to my friend but I don’t even know if it’d be worth it.  :/


Well I don’t exactly know how to end this post butttt comment if you’ve gone through anything similar or have any advice!


Poor Poor Mr. Pushover…

I’m not sure if this post will be coherent or even interesting but I mainly thought of this post because of a song that’s been stuck in my head– aptly named Mr. Pushover.

My roommate asked me if she could have the room Saturday night so her and her boyfriend could watch a movie… or “watch a  movie”.  But I don’t know, maybe I’m sheltered or whatever, but to me it’s rude.  That’s basically kicking someone out of their rooms, their place of sanctuary and peace, whereas to watch a movie, one could go to a private room in the library or something.  This isn’t the first time she’s asked either, and it makes me feel uncomfortable.  I don’t want to say no because then I’ll seem like a jerk and I don’t want to say yes because I’m a homebody.  And also, I was out all night on Friday because my school had a bunch of stuff going on, so I wanted a night in watching tv or studying or whatever.  (My tenses are getting weird because I started this on Saturday but only now have time to write it).

And you know what was even better is she asked me, literally the day after, if she could have him back again next Saturday.  Because it was “her night to host”.  (They do this thing where she rents movies when it’s her night to have him here and then he picks the movie and then they switch).  I, in a slightly annoyed tone told her that it was just her night and, luckily, she hasn’t brought it up since.

Oh the drammma. Heh heh.  Also, she tried to guilt me into it as well by name-dropping his roommate and saying that “he really appreciates it”.  url

But I’m really sick of her using me but I’m too much of a damn pushover to say anything because in the back of my head I have a stupid voice telling me that “in the real world this isn’t that big of a deal”.  She also gives me cards, that I find a bit annoying, (like for my birthday two weeks ago) that say “I’m the best roommate she could have gotten”.  Yeah, I am, because I’m a passive moron that puts up with her shit.

There was another time where she asked me if her boyfriend’s sister could stay here for a night, even though at the beginning of the year in our roommate agreement she said SHE didn’t feel comfortable having people of either sex spend the night.  Hmm.  Kind of screwed the pooch on that one didn’t you?  Anyway, she was all nervous and I pretended to care, because she was meeting his mom and stuff.  So she came back from lunch with his family all exasperated and sighing all over the place.  I, honestly concerned (or curious, you decide XD) as to what happened, asked her what was wrong.  You know what she did?  Blatantly ignored me, sat down on the blow up mattress that was on the ground for the boyfriend’s sister, and called her mom, preceding to tell her everything.  Ok, forget about me.  I’m done caring.  I also heard her talking to his sister the morning after she slept over.  And the sister, in a very snotty way, said “She’s still not up?” (It’s a Saturday and it’s 9 am.  No, I’m not.  Thanks for the judgment)  She responded in a snarky “oh no, she wont be up for a long time”.  I was so close to calling down from my bed “I am up actually” or “I can hear you, you know”.  I should have…

By the way she does this a lot.  She ignores me when I ask what’s wrong if she’s crying or if she seems exasperated.  I’ve stopped caring and ignore her when she does.  I may seem cold and cruel, but I can’t keep investing when I get nothing in return from her.  Im-Not-Ignoring-You

Another thing that’s very obnoxious is that she doesn’t really like when I have conversations on the phone when she’s in here studying, which I get, so I leave.  Yet, sometimes when I’m still awake and studying, she’ll go up to her bed as if to go to bed but call her parents instead and talk to them.  So I have to put my headphones in and try to ignore it.

Sorry this kind of turned into a very long rant about my roommate…I was originally just going to talk about the first part…

And I know that I could have gotten worse (my friend’s roommate will have her boyfriend over and fall asleep in her bed together in the middle of the day or start a movie very late at night together).  But I am just sick of getting stepped on by people.  I guess I should speak up more, but I am just non-confrontational… I blame the internet…

PS: I feel judged about every thing I do around her.  I want a soda today: oh she’s looking at it now…probably thinking about why I shouldn’t drink that stuff. Or how I’m watching a show while doing homework, she’s probably thinking wow, she’s not as invested in her studies as I am.  No, I am, I just like to also have a break from them 😛


Pressure pushing down on me…

So I was talking to some people lately and a lot in the past…about the pressures of life.  I mean I’m obviously still in school (as my first post suggests) but I do feel a lot of social and personal pressure.  I mean college aged people now are expected to know what they’ll do for the rest of their lives and to be headed on a good path right away.  Why can’t I just drop out of school and travel the world?  Oh yeah, money, I kind of need that to eat and stuff.poor-college-studentstudent-debt


Honestly though, Europe has the right idea.  They encourage young people to take a year off after high school to travel and then they make colleges all the same prices.  (If I’m being general, sorry, this is just what I’ve heard a lot).  I mean I think a lot more people could get good educations if college wasn’t so freaking expensive.  Anywho, this is kind of rambling.


The reason this idea came up was T.V and the radio.  The rulers of our lives.  I was home for winter break a few months ago and was flipping through channels late at night (Friends was on a commercial) and landed on the Disney channel.

I used to watch this channel all the time in middle school (believe it or not, I used to look up to Miley Cyrus o.0) all the time.  When I watched it I thought the people looked so cool and grown up and i wanted to be like them.  Now, however, I look at them and whimper.  They look either my age or younger (most probably are).  And it succcks.  These young people are making loads of money and are having fun being actors/singers/stars.  Me?  I’m broke and in a school I can barely (gooooooo loans!) afford.

justin <eww top10hottestactresses-emmaw

Anyway, the reason I referenced pressure for this post is because I believe this is a major reason college aged people question what they’re doing in life.  They have people their same age, or younger, becoming stars and role models for kids.  I mean you look at these stars and think, I’m getting an *insert major here*  degree where I’ll probably have a very hard time getting a good job with decent enough wages that I actually like.  It’s terrifying to think of.  I have to have the same job for the rest of my life.  Oh dear lord.


This is why I want to become a cat.  They sleep all day, don’t care about anything, and have a pretty great life if they have good owners.  Can I become a cat now?  I want to sleep most of the day away!  And you get massages everyday?  How awesome would that be?  Ugh, instead I have to face the real world…and all the crap in it.  And I’m not even to the real real world yet.  Yaaaaaay…..

7971360 graduates_real_world

I just depressed myself… Dangit… Oh well, any way, tell me if you agree/disagree or what stuff you have to deal with on a daily basis in terms of presssssureeee.  Thanks for reading, sorry if I depressed you too 😦  😀


I’m not crazy, I’m just a little Unwell…

Soooo I feel sick today, yaaaaaaaaay.  I’ve had a bad headache for a few days, so I thought it’d be super fun to ignore homework, and other things I should be doing, to blog about ten things to avoid when you have a headache!!!  And a few things to do to manage and cure it, hopefully :/

  1. Jumping….and all other exercise, but especially jumping….just try to stay away from moving in general (Also, I started feeling sick/getting the headache after exercising, proving, I think, that exercise really is bad for you).Exercise-on-a-Bad-Day-1.26.13(<She gets it)
  2. The computer/TV/phone screen….oops….blogging was the best idea I’ve ever had           Vision-eyesight-eyes-sore-tired-strain-screens-jpg_162049-300x180
  3. Dense books, and honestly, all forms of reading suck when I have a headache, so it’s pretty good to shy away from education.
  4. Loud music (just make a nice, soothing playlist for sleeping and moments where a single drum beat makes your head want to explode)
  5. Caffeine, if your headache isn’t sickness related or due to a lack of water, you’re probably having caffeine withdrawals.  I’m speaking from experience here, but I’m not a doctahhhh.
  6. Also, with the music, avoid not only loud music, but “yelling” music.  For instance, I love the Kaiser Chiefs, but when listening to their new CD with my headache, my headache decided to grow and multiply and destroy my happiness, so bad choice on my part I guess.
  7. Bright lights are always good to steer clear of as well (this especially means strobe lights).
  8. Any close family members or friends (they will, sometimes, be nice, but come on, who hasn’t yelled at their friend with a bad headache just to screw with them?  It’s fun and we’re all horrible people).                          awkward_family_
  9. Stupid neighbors that, for some reason, think it’s fun to bang on the walls and yell.  (Yeah, I love living in co-ed dorms today)
  10. People in general.  It’s nice to be alone when you feel like complete and utter crap.images

Noowww some “cures”

  1. Sleep!!!! Everyone loves sleep, that’s the true cure of any ailment.  Especially lethargy, look it up.  That’s a true fact.Man sleeping                          Except I’m more like this latelysleep
  2. Good ol’ fashion drugs.  The legal stuff.  Like Ibuprofen and Acetaminophen, although I would love some Excedrin right now…
  3. Teaaaaa, it helps, even if it sometimes tastes grossBlackTea
  4. Laying down and not moving at all.  Basically being sick is really boring and annoying, but I’m sure you know that.
  5. Cold packs can help/ alternating cold and hot….or is that only for muscles?
  6. Ummmm I don’t really know.  I’m drinking sleepytime wellness tea and starting to get sleepy…so ideas are leaving my head.  I suppose if you google it, you’ll find actual advice on how to deal with a headache.                            i-dont-know


So, although my post doesn’t completely relate to the song in the title, it made me chuckle to myself so…yeah.  But honestly, while I love Paramore, I don’t get this song.  It’s all over the place, but, nevertheless, it is fun to dance to.crush-crush-crush-crush-hayley-williams-paramore-red-hair-favim-com-41849

Any who, today I come to tell you a storrrry.  Not really.  I’m making that up.  But it did happen.  Today.  So, I guess in some ways it’s a story of sorts.  Wow, I’m hyping this up more than it deserves.  And I’m rambling.  Well my “story” is about a crush!  Buh dum bum pshhhh.

So I have a crush on this guy in one of my classes, who, since I’m not very talkative, probably doesn’t even know my name.  Yay!  when-you-find-out-your-crush-likes-someone-else_gp_1130260

Anyway, my sister and mom have been joking with me that since I like romantic comedies so much (shocker from that last post, huh?) I should know how to, essentially “get a guy”.  Welll I don’t.  I’m too awkward and talk about cats way too much for my own good.  So they keep telling me to drop my books in front of this guy and stuff like that. 670px-Have-Cats-Without-Being-a-Cat-Lady-Step-3

Well today, fate opened up the sky and plopped opportunity right in my lap.  Our teacher put our papers in our P.O.s and I went to grab mine.  Who’s should be in my mailbox on accident?  None other than the guy I’m crushing on.  heavens

So what did I do?  Put it back… in his mailbox (while kicking myself and thinking, you just had a great opportunity and blew it…moron).

I went back to my room and sent my friend a message on Facebook and emailed my mom.  They both told me to go back and take it.  I said that that would be weird and stalkeresque.  But then I was dared and offered goober pie (I’m not from the south but I still call Reese’s Peanut Butter Pie goober pie…it’s what my dad calls it).

41458661184<Heaven Right there

My friend also said she’d say something to her crush if I did this.  And I became “strong and confident”.  So, I did it.  I’m a thief.  As my friend dubbed me, I am now author of the story “Paper Thief: Chronicles of Love/Pie”

So, yeah, that was the probably very unexciting recount of how I stole my crush’s paper and now have to give it to him on Wednesday.   Yay…..?  And honestly, I’ll probably just get a “Oh, thanks.” and nothing more.  Oh well, at least I’m a skilled thief now….


Well please comment about anything you want, whether it be pie or embarrassing stories of crushes.  Or shyness.  Or cats.  It can always be about cats. =^.^=

Kill the Director

Soooo I decided to do a post about me because I have no idea what to write about.  So this one is about what genre of movies I like.  And if you know the song that I named the blog after, you’d already know what I mean.  ROM COMS!  I seriously have an addiction.  I’ve become proud of it now though.  And I embrace it.  I’m not afraid to admit it either….except maybe to people I’m just meeting….well this is awkward.  Because we’re probably just meeting…. I have to remember that explaining a joke makes it not funny…..

Sidenote: the song is Kill the Director by The Wombats (amazing band, look them up!)

Ok, so I guess I’ll talk about my addiction to Rom Coms and which ones I love the most.  Let’s gooooooooooo! (I stretch out letters a lot when I type.  So be forewarned that I do that a lot.)

Well I suppose I started loving Romantic Comedies a long time ago, but in the last few years I’ve watched almost all of the ones that look appealing to me on Netflix.  Oops.  Now all real men are probably ruined for me, because I want the ones from the movies.  Again, oops.  But I can’t help it, really.  It’s like a disease with the horrible (amazing) jokes and awful (adorable) romantic scenes swirling through my mind all the time.  When people ask me what I want to watch I usually respond “Comedy” but really, all I want is to watch a movie that makes me laugh until the last twenty minutes, where I cry, until I have my heart restored by the idea of true love (aka when they get back together after a fight).  So good!

So, I guess now I’ll talk about some favorites.  I think now my favorite favorite is “Love and Other Disasters” starring Brittany Murphy (RIP, I love her ❤ ).  It’s about a girl living in London (because I haven’t said it yet, I am obsessed with London and want to study abroad there and maybe live there?), so already off to a great start.  And she has two best friends, one gay and the other Donna from Doctor Who, who both make amazingly awkward and funny jokes.  Just watch the movie, worrrrrrrth it.  Anyway, she’s a fashion designer, and has a boyfriend she doesn’t love, as well as a new employe she finds rather attractive (after finding out he’s not actually gay, so she could date him, yay!).  I probably made it sound pretty dull but it does have great characters and witty writing in my opinion, and it wasn’t terribly inappropriate for being rated R. The only thing it’s missing is a pet cat.  Yep, then it would be a pretty ideal life, living in London, nice guy, she got to tango!  And great friends and a job she loves!  Just, again, needs the cat. 😀  Because I’m a crazy cat lady!  =^.^=


I also really liked an obscure movie I found on Netflix called “Happy Ever Afters”.  It was a hilarious movie starring Sally Hawkins.  It was about what ensues after two wedding receptions are held in the same hotel.  The weddings are not all as they seem, which you soon find out.  But this movie made me laugh out loud, because they would be in the middle of a conversation when someone would punch another person in the face.  I don’t know what happened half the time, but being a British comedy, I found it rather enjoyable.  I want to watch it again, but they took it off Netflix instant…sad day.


Well, I’m not going to explain every movie I love in the Rom Com genre, but I will list them!  😀

On Netflix, that I’d recommend:

  • Friends With Kids
  • Take Me Home             Thom_and_Claire-Take-Me-Home_2
  • The Giant Mechanical Man27RDP_GIANT_SPAN-articleLarge-v2
  • The movies with Brittany Murphy (She’s not my favorite actress but I love her Rom Coms)
  • The Very Thought of You (Hot British Man…woooooooo)
  • A Holiday Engagement (Great Hallmark movie, also….I LOVE HALLMARK AT CHRISTMAS–another obsession)
  • Did I mention Love and Other Disasters?
  • I like The Rebound too even though it was a bit inappropriate…so sue me…

Others Iove/recommend:

  • The Holiday
  • The Devil Wears Prada tumblr_mxhlwnUKzh1t0d58ao1_500
  • Crazy Stupid Love
  • Both Princess Diaries
  • Ella Enchanted (so what…I love the Anne Hathaway movies from this time, they’re amazing)
  • And if Easy A is technically a Rom Com that would also be a favorite, and highly recommended.  I also love Stanley Tuccilarge<Best part of the movie
  • Life as We Know It
  • Sydney White
  • Down With Love       downwithlove
  • Letters From Juliet
  • Miss Congeniality ( I love Sandra Bullock)0dee94bc1b752d6334659ed176846a9a
  • Leap Year
  • You, Again
  • Kate and Leopold     kate_and_leopold_background_wallpaper-other
  • What’s Your Number?
  • Just Visiting                     just_l
  • Big Fat Greek Wedding
  • Moulin Rouge if that counts… It is definitely my favorite musical though!
  • I squealed a bunch with my friends over Mr. Darcy’s awkwardness in Pride and Prejudice too
  • Probably a ton more I’m not remembering but love….

So if you like any of these movies, or Rom Coms in general, comment!! Because I want to know!  Also, if you have any recommendations for movies I haven’t listed, I would love to continue my addiction and already have some friends have recommended to me.



It’s starting to get to me…

Name the song!  Heh heh, well, my sister told me to start a blog.  So I’m starting a blog instead of doing homework.  I’m always full of great ideas.  Well when I was thinking of starting a blog I was brainstorming with said sister and decided to choose the one I did.  Why?  Because I like it.  No, honestly because not only is that lyric from one of my favorite bands, but I also feel like the entire song is how I feel right now.  Anyway, not what this post is about.

What I really want to talk about is how annoying people are in class.  I knowwwww, I don’t want to read people ranting either, but I need to say this because, as my post’s title suggests…it’s starting to get to me.

(I’m breaking up the post because I know one long huggeeee post is really annoying to read.  Sorry…. I’m a little disorganized and definitely have no order to this post.  Maybe I’ll try on later posts, but that’s asking a lot. )

So in my classes people have been very stupid.  And I get it, it’s college, you can have your computers and phones on in class.  But you’re really annoying in rude.  Just so you know!  The first thing I noticed was this guy in one of my classes playing Mario Kart on his computer during the entire class.  Even though I tried to pay attention, I kept getting distracted by his screen.  Really annoying.  Then I saw another guy in the same class looking at hockey stuff the entire time.  Hockey is not that important (no offense to hockey fans out there, it’s just that the subject can wait an hour).  And while I know this sounds like a rant (and it is heh heh) I would just be happier if they sat in the back row, away from any human contact if they wanted to go on their computers and be super distracting all class.

While I can (somewhat) get over the computer thing, I simply can not get out of my head what happened to day in my class.  A guy answered his phone.  While a student was giving a presentation….wtf?  And he didn’t even whisper!  The teacher and students at the front didn’t really pay attention or care but he had a deep voice so it was rather distracting and super rude to both teacher and student.  Ok…. that’s enough of a rant that no one probably cares about except me heh heh.  Soooo, bye I guess.

Woooooo I blogged.